Very Useful Resin Outdoor Bench

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Commercial Resin Bench

Resin outdoor bench – When children ask for a sandbox, parents are often bothered: how to please them without the sand being soaked with rainwater and used as litter for cats in the neighborhood, in less time than it is. Need to say it? These ingenious owners have found the solution. With the help of a carpenter, they created chests benches that transform into a sandbox or storage when opened.

The benches in the dining area and the storage boxes form the same structure. Discreet and economical in place, these cupboards are inspire by boat bridges by combining copper handles and exotic wood. The blades conceal a large storage space, very useful on this reduced terrace. Carved wood in a beautifully romantic style actually serves to conceal the gardening tools at the top and the air conditioning block at the bottom.

This house belongs to a sculptor who works a lot in his garden and for whom aesthetics is of fundamental importance. On the ground, granite slabs highlight the wood painted white walls of the house. Indeed, we must provide space and design to hide our garbage bins, compost and recycling. Some cities have up to three large rolling plastic containers per household. Hiding them is not an option!

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