Rustic Ideas For TV Stand With Hutches

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TV Stand With Hutch For TVs Up To 70

An entertainment center like TV stand with hutches could show the most modern audio and visual equipment. Its modern content, however, has nothing to do with its appearance. Select a storage cabinet that will remain cozy and traditional in a woodsy hut or shelter. A functional piece of furniture adds depth and warmth to your home.

Achieving a rustic looking design means selecting a wooden cabinet, instead of metal or lacquer. Walnut, cedar or mahogany is options to consider for the frame. It must be robust, although not necessarily massive, with a wide variety of shelves to hold your television, digital video recorder, and music components. Rustic evokes images of ancient barns and churches. Recycle old wood from construction sites or old farmhouses. Use your findings for the doors to the front of the cabinet. The entertainment center will look like an old closet. Add the brass strip to complete the look.

Prematurely “age” the center of entertainment by distressing the surface. Use sandpaper to make a final painting look old while exposing the raw wood under the paint. There are also synthetic paint finishes and techniques that mimic this process and create a much worn look. Strategically place an old wind turntable in the entertainment center. Another display option is a vintage radio. The items can be flea market purchases or sale finds the yard. They do not need to work, but the cabinet will give a feeling of yesteryear.

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