Pretty Outdoor Storage Bench Lowes

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Choosing Bench Cushion

Outdoor storage bench lowes – The terraces, and beyond the gardens, are increasingly integrated into our habitats. We decorate them, take care of them and invest them like any other room in the house. The stores also offer a myriad of accessories for decorating and landscaping outdoor spaces. But when the rain comes, all these pretty things become embarrassing. If you have limited space or are allergic to garden tools, these ideas of discreet and aesthetic storage could inspire you!

Dressed in glass and wood, this terrace has all the warm space on which we love to bask in the summer. The owners added a relaxation area around a gas fireplace. To fully enjoy the evenings, it will be necessary to have at hand, the cushions to sit there. A practical solution was found: using the benches as storage chests.

The wood of the benches resumes the same tone as that of the terrace which, treated for the outside, requires no maintenance. The stainless steel handles, such as those found on boats, give a seaside side to this ingenious equipment. One wonders what this cube without door or window, dressed in exotic wood, can hide well. It is actually a fully equipped garden hut, in which the owners store rakes, spades and pots on dedicated shelves.

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