Ideas To Make Round Outdoor Chair Cushions

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Round Outdoor Chair Cushions Seat

Round outdoor chair cushions – If your outdoor seating area could use a new look, make some waterproof cushions or pillows for the space. You can make waterproof cushions from any outdoor waterproof material. Most cloth stores carry some water resistant material throughout the year and have a wider selection during spring and summer when it is seasonal. If your living area is covered, you can also use a waterproof material, such as vinyl, from which to make your round cushions.

Measure the seat of the chair or area in which you are thinking of putting the round cushion with a tape measure. Place muslin on the seat, and trace the contour of the muslin seat to create a pattern to follow if necessary. Place your cut muslin outline on a piece of foam. Trace the shape of the foam using a pencil or marker. Use an electric knife to cut the foam in size and shape. Wrap the foam in the batting. This is your cushion shape.

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Place the waterproof fabric back up. Place your round cushion in the form of a lid on your fabric. Trace the shape. Add 1/2-inch to each side. Draw the new outline. Cut the shape. Place the shape on the fabric. Cut a second shape exactly the same as the first one. Sew the pieces together along the edges, the back of the material facing outwards. Sew one side to the edge pieces, and sew it to the second side piece, creating a kind of sack. Turn the bag inside out, so that the stamped side of the fabric faces out.

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