Ideas To Install Gooseneck Outdoor Light

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Cute Gooseneck Outdoor Light Ideas

The gooseneck outdoor light through a front door adds a cozy touch, as well as greater security for your home. Choose a lantern or wall lamp that suits the architectural style of your home. As with any electrical wiring project in your home, safety comes first. If you lack confidence in your ability to do it safely, check with an electrician.

Use a study finder to locate and avoid installing the electrical box on a pole. Draw a measuring tape from the ground, up to 66 inches. Mark the point on the wall. Place the electrical box on the mark and trace its outline. Drill a hole in the center of the contour, and then cut along the contour in pencil with a jigsaw to make a hole in the electrical box. Go inside and mark the outline of the distribution box at the same height as other switches in the room. Cut out this outline with a sharp knife and a metal ruler.

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Find the outlet closest to the opening of the switch box. Disconnect the power to the outlet of the fuse box and confirm that it is out by doing a test with a voltage meter. Unscrew the outlet cover and gently pull the outlet with several-inch cables. Confirm once again that the equipment is switched off by touching the cables with the voltage meter.

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