Ideas Of TV Stands With Wheels

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Rustic TV Stand With Wheels Design Ideas

TV stands with wheels – Use the wheels of the smaller television stands. Most posts have legs or leg holes that allow you to insert a compatible wheel into the hole. Look at the bottom of the support or legs. A support often has a piece of rubber to protect the wooden surface of the floor. Many wheels have a similar insert assembly that allows you to stick the insert inside the hole so that the wheel is secure. A stand with wheels does not damage hardwood floors.

And you can use felt is a good fabric to use under furniture and heavy art pieces. You can buy felt with adhesive to peel and adhere to the bottom of the furniture. If the TV stand or other object is unusual in design, it is possible to buy the adhesive sheet and felt, then cut the felt to match the bottom of the stand. Felt reduces friction, which makes the filling easy to slip through a felt wood floor. If you think you are going to move the support with any frequency, choose a product that allows easy movement.

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Also, screw-in adjustable feet are sold in a variety of sizes. In general, the adjustable foot is round and has a smooth bottom. While the TV stand is stopped, the foot will not scratch the floor. If you move the furniture, add a felt pad over the bottom of the adjustable foot. Adjustable feet are good for homes with uneven floor surfaces where furniture rocks. By installing the feet, the furniture does not swing. It is the rocking motion that can cause dents and scratches on uneven floors.

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