Ideas Of Outdoor Bench Seat Cushions

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Garden Furniture Seat Cushions Best Ideas

Outdoor bench seat cushions are available in a variety of solid colors, stripes and patterns coordinate with other furniture indoors or outdoors. Correct measurement of bench cushions will provide a replacement mattress that fits properly and will not bind or slide when you sit down and get up from the bench.

Place the end of the tape measure in the center of the rear shock absorber, where the seat meets the backrest of the bench. Pull the tape measure to the front on the cushion in the center. Measure the wide bench mattress horizontally from the left to the right in the center of the cushion. Place the tape measure on the left side in the center and extend to the center of the right side.

Measure the thickness of a best bench cushion measuring tape under the center in front of the cushion and extending straight up to the top of the cushion.  This obtains a measure of the maximum thickness of a replacement cushion without interfering with the arms. Use these measures of purchase length and width, order or make a new bench cushion. The thickness of a new cushion is based on the preference for the same softness or more cushioning to protect users from the wooden structure.

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