How To Make Floor Art Van TV Stands

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TV Stands

Art Van TV Stands – In the same way, that each person needs a home, LCD TV needs lasting support. A stand to protect the apparatus from rough plays of children and possible setbacks. If you have been looking at television you are in catalogs or stores but do not dare to spend your hard earned money on an expensive, but high-quality television stand, which can be thrifty and make your own first-order version with materials available at your local hardware store.

Cut the two pieces thick wooden bases 3 inches to the width and the maximum length of the television. Then saw the legs of four of 4 by 4 inches that are 14 inches tall, using an electric or manual saw. It is possible to change the height of the legs according to the height of your own television. Take one of the 3-inch wooden bases that you cut and placing all four legs on the four corners of the base. Using a pencil, draw an outline around each leg.

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Cut the four squares that were extracted using the pencil. Starting with the 8-by-10-inch piece of wood, cut four, small rectangular slots, about 4 – per-2 inches. Place all four legs in the empty rectangular slots, and then place the small 4 – piece inch by 2 of them for the nailed support. Grab the other base and nail it to the top of all four legs.

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