How To Close The Outdoor Butterfly Chair

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Original Butterfly Chair

Outdoor butterfly chair is foldable, simple retro-looking chairs with a metal frame covered with cloth, leather or plush. Chairs get in a kind of designs and colors. Outdoor BKFs are usually made with lightweight aluminum frames to make them easier to transport, while indoor BKFs are heavier and more robust. They are ideal for small spaces such as apartments or residence rooms, and their design makes them surprisingly comfortable. BKF can be closed for easy storage and carried out when necessary.

Leave the lid on the butterfly chair when it is folded up. Keep the chair at the opposite ends, diagonally, with one hand on the bottom and one on the top. Pull the ends toward the center until the chair folds halfway. Pull the other two diagonal ends towards each other. The four sides of the chair should begin to meet.

Take the chair from the top and push the two high ends, then the two ends together under to close the chair as much as possible. You may have to wrap your arms around a large, heavy chair to close it completely. Open the chair by pulling two diagonal ends half open, then pull the other two ends open. If a large chair is too wide to open all the way, sit on it and push all four sides out the rest of the way.

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