Good Outdoor Patio Chair Cushions Storage

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Cushion Ooutside Storage

Do you want to store outdoor patio chair cushions all year round? Then choose a storage box from Biohort. These boxes ventilate and therefore there is no condensation in the box during the winter period. Make sure that the cushions do not press against the lid. Otherwise there is no room left for ventilation. A Biohort storage box is very resistant to rain, but place it on a flat surface.

Why? The box must be free at the bottom. Otherwise there is a chance that the box will be placed in a pool of water and the moisture will draw in. Which storage box fits your garden cushions? Are you looking for a storage box for pillows from a lounge set? Then a higher model storage box offers a solution. A lying model cushion box is very suitable for garden cushions of adjustable garden chairs. Look carefully at the dimensions when choosing the right storage box.

It is useful to count the number of pillows that must fit in the storage box. Also note the corresponding dimensions. It would be a shame if just one or two pillows no longer matched. So take a good look at the dimensions and determine how large your storage box should be. Do you already have a nice box for storing your garden cushions, but are you still looking for new garden cushions?

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