Decorating The Tabletop TV Stands For Flat Screens

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Heavy Duty Table Top TV Stand

Tabletop TV Stands For Flat Screens – TV tables have been around since the fifties, allowing families to eat in front of the TV and financially complement the counter space and table in their home. Folding, decorative and versatile TV tables, as accessories for your home are an economical way to furnish a cottage or spare room or provide horizontal surfaces for many purposes. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the TV tables in your home.

Use as tables around your sofa. TV tables are meant to be used from time to time, but some of today’s TV tables are made of quality wood that complements their decor. Place a TV table at each end of your sofa to serve as tables for lamps, drinks, and books. Customize the upper part as if it were any other side table with items such as photographs and candles.

Ensure a plant sanctuary. TV tables place in front of a sunny window with violets, cactus, and other house plants. Place a small stool under the TV tables to create a second layer for shade plants. Use plastic trays or TV metals so that water from the plants does not damage the surface. Place a TV tray table on a leather ottoman or cloth to serve as a beverage holder. Select a TV table with color coordination to match your living room and ottoman. Then remove the tray and use as an accent on the top of the ottoman.

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