Cheap And Sturdy Outdoor Planter Bench

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Diy Planter Bench

Sometimes it is just a matter of searching for the right outdoor planter bench that exactly match your taste and budget. Hollow concrete blocks are a cheap and sturdy alternative to plastic or wooden flower boxes. They can be purchased at the hardware store and through websites for second-hand items. You do need a few muscle balls for it, but once they stand you will enjoy them for years.

The most convenient is the double variant, so with two ‘containers’ together. You can stack it on, behind and next to each other, it is just like a big puzzle. The advanced puzzler alternates the hollow blocks with dense concrete blocks for a sleek effect. You can also paint the concrete blocks with concrete paint.

Pallets are the new scrap wood. They are even easier to work with. If you want to use them as a flower box, you hardly have to do anything about it anymore. Make sure your pallet is firm and whole. If necessary, brush it thoroughly. Use the bottom of the pallet for this flower box idea. Seal the support beams of the pallet on one side. Make sure that you always slam the same side. These will be your flower boxes. Do you like color? Then this is the right time to start working with a brush.

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